PR day: Winter 2012

We’ve just finished another fantastic PR day full of massive lifts, laughs and sushi. We had a total of 19 competitors come out, but many more to enjoy the sushi 🙂

Check out the results below:

(it it’s still hard to see, right-click the image to download and zoom in as much as you like)

We received some kind words from WARRIORS S&C member Alex VP via facebook:

“I’d just like to thank you guys for all the hard work you did to put on a great PR day. It was well organized and easy for us to focus on the lifting. It’s great having a knowledgeable and helpful group of people at the gym. So thanks!”

Here is the beast himself, deadlifting 500 and something!

Be sure to come out for the next PR day in Spring 2012. It’s gonna be an explosive one, so stay tuned!


What did you think about PR day? What did you like or thought we could’ve done better? Comment below!



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3 responses to “PR day: Winter 2012

  1. Abdi

    Yeah, too bad he’s going to snap his back in two. Why would you ever allow someone who clearly doesn’t know the importance of form to perform their 1RM? Complete stupidity.

    • Form when performing max effort is never going to be picture perfect. We always encourage proper technique in training but in times like this with more advanced lifters things are going to be different.

    • This lifter has near perfect form in submaximal lifts. For competition, rules go out the window. If you were to watch any powerlifting competition, this is a normal occurrence when lifting maximal weight. Feel free to ask any questions.

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