Get Some Swag: WS&C Clothing

By: Benjamin Pickard

Everyone needs some swag. WARRIORS S&C has you covered.

Jake Marchildon modeling the T-Shirt, UA Zip and Toque.

We get a lot of questions about club clothing, so this should cover everything for you. We started out with only shirts, but now WARRIORS S&C has a bit of a clothing line. Here is what we have available:

Note: Pics of each item will be updated soon but we will have clothing available at the meeting (Monday May 7th @ 7pm in PAC 2021) for you to check out. 

 T-Shirts $15 – Men’s Sizing

These Hanes Tagless 100% Cotton are standard attire for any club member. They will shrink a bit when you wash them but they fit like any standard T-shirt. The come in green with white screening – logo on the front and “LOOK GOOD NAKED” on the back.

Under Armour Pullover $65 – Men’s Sizing

These are Men’s Under Armour Fleece Performance Hoodies. They are nice and thin but have the warmth of a much bigger, bulkier sweater. They come in black with the WS&C logo embroidered in green across the front.

Under Armour Zip up $75 – Men’s and Women’s 

These are Under Armour Fleece Full Zip Hoodies, and though the link only show’s mens, the women’s are the same except perfectly fitted. Just like the pullovers, these are thin and light but still keep you warm – it will quickly become your go-to sweater. They come in charcoal with the WS&C logo embroidered in green, large across the back and small on the chest.

These are not available for the S2012 term. If you want one talk to Ben and he will sort it out.

Gildan Pullover $25 – Men’s Sizing

This is the alternative to the UA hoodies. They are a 50/50 cotton/poly blend, meaning they won’t shrink much when you wash it. The fit is standard for any hoodie, and they come in black with the logo screened in white on the front and “LOOK GOOD NAKED” on the back.

Track Pants $25 – Men’s Sizing

These are Gildan 1840 pants. They are 50/50 cotton/poly blend with an open leg, no pockets and are the warmest track pants you will ever own. They come in black with the WS&C logo screened down the leg in green.

Toques $20 – One Size

These are cable knit and have a bit of texture with a plastic brim. They fit like any other toque except with one bonus – they are tall enough to cover your ears. I have a bit of a big head and have trouble getting a hat that fits but these are perfect. They come in black with the logo embroidered in green on the side. Wear it sideways like Jake for an extra cool-factor.

Sign up for this term to get updates on the S2012 clothing order or talk to any of the execs.

Benjamin is the President and Co-founder of The WARRIORS S&C Club and is a finishing up a Kinesiology degree at the University of Waterloo. He one day hopes to be a Strength Coach, and in the meantime will continue helping improve performance and quality of life. Get in contact with him via email, Facebook or the blog.


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