10 Motivational Pictures to Inspire Change

The following are 10 motivational pictures courtesy of WARRIORS S&C member, Hoda Attia. If you haven’t read her first article, describing her passion for fitness and inspirational weight loss journey,  check it out HERE.

Hoda comments on how these pictures motivated her to adopt a healthier and fitter lifestyle. If there isn’t a comment below a picture, it’s because the picture says it all.

Enjoy the article, and be inspired to make a change!

We don’t realize just how much we’re hurting ourselves when we neglect our health. We have one body and we should respect it. A wise friend once told me:

“Your body is a temple, treat it like one”- Austin White.

Those words have resonated with me for years.

A common misconception is that cardio alone will make you thin and fit. What some people fail to realize are the many fat-loss benefits of weight lifting.

I love this one because it promotes taking control your life. It’s only you in the weight room. It’s only you that can make those changes. Nobody can do this for you – it’s in YOUR CONTROL to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

There are no excuses in the gym. You won’t be productive with a bad attitude. Look at the positives in your training and don’t hold yourself back with negative thinking.

Nothing in this world feels better than knowing that you EARNED it all and did not back out or take the easy way out.

If you can go down this list and check them all off, you are on the right track! If not, take the opportunity to adopt these new affirmations into your life.

This reminds me that no matter how the weather looks outside, going to the gym needs to be done.

There are no excuses.

Finally, the end result of my journey! I’ve achieved the bodyweight I wanted, now I’ve my sights set on new and bigger goals. No matter how high I must climb I know I’ll get there because, in the end, HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!

Do you have any questions or comments for Hoda? Show us your favourite motivational pictures or quotes and tell us why they’ve inspired you to make a change!

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Hoda is a 4thWarriors strength year political science/history student at UW. Once she stepped foot in the healthy lifestyle world she became addicted and cannot see herself without eating clean, and training hard. Her passion in life was always to help people, and now she has found her calling as a personal trainer. She’s opening up a crossfit gym with her best friends, who are also her family. She believes in working hard, and loves nothing more than to lift weights.


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