You’re wasting time. Gain your workout focus.

By: Brendan

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The following is a post by Brendan Pinto. WARRIORS S&C will be releasing articles written by our prospective club executive members over next few weeks. After a careful deliberation, we have selected a few articles for your enjoyment. -DW

Just finished a Prowler session. One of the hardest workouts I’ve done a while.

It got me thinking about all the times I’ve pushed past the point where my mind says “I can’t take it anymore”. I realized that I haven’t done so recently.

Being a swimmer, I’m used to exercising for hours and then coming back the same day and swimming for a couple more. Doing this 6-7 days a week, you reach a point where you get bored. You lose concentration and end up going through the movements. This is a bad place to be in.

Without focusing on what you’re doing, you don’t get the full potential of your workout. You’re wasting time. You’re being inefficient.

The more focused you are, the harder you can push yourself. I’ve been at the point where I swam until I passed out. The purpose of the set was to show the difference between our minds saying “I can’t go on” and your body saying “I can’t go on”. There is a HUGE gap between these two points.

However knowing how far I can push myself still hasn’t made it easier to do so in practice or in the weight room. It‘s hard but pushing yourself during those grueling conditioning workouts pay off.

Here are 3 ways to push past the point where your mind says you’ve had enough:

1)      Work with a group:

The prowler session I just did was in a group. It was awesome to have someone there doing the same thing you’re doing, feeling the same discomfort but getting up and cheering you on right after they finished. Add a little healthy competition to your workouts.

Warriors strength club

2)      Focus on your goal:

Every time you workout, set a goal. It doesn’t have to be a PR but make it something like improving your form, or not taking as much rest as you regularly do. If your goal is leg speed on the prowler, during your workout think only about speed. Be speed. Feel speed. Don’t just TRY it, DO IT!

3)      Make sure you are recovering:

I see guys in the gym twice a day just going at it, no matter how many dark circles they have under their eyes, to reach their long term goals faster. Don’t be this person! Not getting enough rest and not recovering will only leave your body and your mind weak, tired, unresponsive and prone to injury. That pre-workout drink or stack may really get you going but it won’t regenerate your sore muscle. Best way to get bigger, stronger and faster is to eat well and sleep well.

This is food for thought and it’s your choice to be a picky eater. If you want to stay in your comfort zone, far away from perfuse sweat, shortness of breath and being on the verge of puking that’s your choice. If not, next time you are pushing a prowler sled or doing burpees, think about going that extra bit instead of taking that quick breather.

“I may have been born into mediocrity, but I don’t intend to live in it”

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Warriors strength conditioningBrendan Pinto is a Personal Trainer, Varsity Swimmer and kinesiology student at UWaterloo. He’s dealt with a number of athletes ranging from beginners to varsity athletes. Brendan loves Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, bikes, Costco, food and sleep. He’s also a very nice guy.

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