Don’t PR your waistline: 5 Holiday Feasting Survival Tips

By: Alex Longo

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With the first snow fall, you know the holidays are around the corner and so is the turkey. Whatever you’re celebrating, the holiday season is a time for parties. And let’s not forget about the New Year too!

People put their fitness on hold, and this means starting the New Year with extra pounds. In one U.S. study, the average person gained just over 1 pound during the holiday season. This may not seem too bad, but year after year, those pounds add up.

So to stop feeling unhealthy, tired and guilty from stuffing our faces, here are a few tips to guarantee an enjoyable holiday season without setting a new personal record on your waistline.


U probably don’t want this to happen

Healthy Foods First

Holiday parties are an open buffet and this makes it tough to pick healthy foods without over indulging.

The fix: fill your plate with healthy options (i.e. veggies and humus or smoked salmon) before reaching for the deep fried pastries.

 No Meal Skipping

If you’re planning to attend a dinner, don’t skip any meals that day. You‘ll be more likely to over-eat at the party because your stomach and brain were nutrient-deprived. This means we’ll reach for the unhealthy, starchy foods like breads and deep fried Hors d’œuvres.

The fix: eat normally throughout the day, and have a healthy snack before the party; try veggies and humus, a small salad or some fruit and nuts.

 Don’t drink calories

Drinks served during the holiday season are packed with sugar and alcohol, making these beverages a cup of empty calories. An 8oz glass of wine has 150 calories, and festive drinks like eggnog are double that.

The fix: alternate your festive drinks with glasses of water or herbal tea.

 Quality NOT Quantity

Your favourite holiday treats aren’t off limits this season. But a taste maybe all you need to satisfy your cravings.

The fix: take a small salad plate instead of a dinner plate when choosing desserts. Split treats with friends or a spouse to appease your taste buds without over indulging.


Food ain’t off limits

Quick Calorie Burning Circuits

I don’t know about you guys, the only thing cold holiday weather makes me want to do is stay in with my PJs chow down a tin full of Christmas treats. What I don’t like is the tight waist line on my jeans after the holidays.

To stay active during this holiday season, continue with your normal routine of healthy eating and work outs. On those days where the snow has you quarantined, try these two circuits which can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

Busy as @#$% elf Circuit

–          Skipping – 2 min

–          Jumping Jacks – 20

–          Box Jumps – 20 (can be done on stair or small sturdy box)

–          Jogging on the Spot – 2 min

–          Squat Jumps – 15

Rest for 1-2 min and repeat for 3 rounds total.  Feel free to add 1 or 2 more rounds to increase the difficulty.

Ripped Reindeer Circuit

–          Push ups – to max

–          Crunches – 20

–          Weightless Squats – 30

–          Chair Dips – 20

–          Bodyweight Lunges – 15 (each leg)

Rest for 1min and repeat for 3 to 4 rounds total.

Happy Holidays everyone! See you all for Winter 2013.

– WS&C Team

Alex Longo WARRIORSMy name is Alex Longo. I’m an undergrad in Recreation and Sports Management program at UW. During my time as a Physical Training Instructor at the Ontario Police College, I developed a solid background in strength and conditioning. When I’m not in the gym or in school, you can find me in the kitchen whipping up delicious paleo recipes. My passion for exercise comes from being an athlete in volleyball, basketball and soccer.

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