Did you know: bacon is good for you?

By: Praneeth Ellanti

Healthy snacks strength

photo credit: Mariam Abdelkhalek

And contains essential vitamins that are important for maintaining your health?

Did you also know that I just made that up? The trouble with internet is that there’s a ton of information available with just one click. I used to believe most of the crap out there in high school; but, you learn quickly when you get hurt/don’t get results.

To spot a BS article, stalk the person who wrote it!

Go on  Google to see what else they wrote, what their background is, and what they’ve accomplished. These are good ways to spot how credible they are. If you don’t get results or get a lot of contradicting information, chances are they’re shitting you.

Look for references when they make a radical claim. I could say that saturated fats are good for you, but without any evidence, my claims it means nothing.

Question everything!

Whether it’s something well known or something that blows your mind, always question it. I recently learned to do this and as a result, I’m more open to ideas. At the same time I’m more curious to do research on the topic to learn more and to see if I should believe what I’ve read.


This is a lengthy process because most results are not seen for while. I’ve read about intermittent fasting, did a little research on it and got really curious, so I experimented with it. I had great results with it.

When you read something and you researched it a bit to see if it was true, then you should definitely experiment to see if it is practical (keyword: practical).

Not everything you read on the internet is practical for everyone.

The research backing up the findings may have been done on certain populations or age groups with small number of subjects.

This is why you should experiment. If things don’t work for you then 1) either you’re not doing it right or 2) something is wrong with the theory. If it is not one, then it should be the other.

These are some things I look for when I am reading something. You don’t buy a car without looking at the specs so why would you believe stuff you’re reading on a website that a high-schooler can create? If you are serious about something act like you’re a customer!

How do you make sure what you read is true?

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Praneeth E warriors clubMy name is Praneeth Ellanti (Candidate for B.Sc. in Kinesiology) and I am completely fascinated by movement performance. I believe that mobility and strength is the key to moving, feeling and performing better! People can usually find me by the squat rack or prowler – the two things I believe everyone should do.

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