12 Lessons from the Year of the Apocalypse: Part Two

In Part Two, Kory shares his final 6 post-apocalyptic lessons! Click HERE to read his first 6 lessons in Part One. – Austin


By: Kory Allen

7. Ask why…

Pretty much a life question which applies to training. Ask yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. I don’t really care about the answer but just have one.

If I ask why do you have deadlifts in your program, what are you going to tell me?

  • I just like to pick things up.
  • I need a stronger posterior chain.
  • I feel like a BAMF.

All are suitable answers because who am I to judge what deadlifting means to you, just don’t say I don’t know or because “they say”. If you don’t have a reason, then maybe you should re-evaluate why you are doing it.


“I deadlift because I like to look like a giant ass tomato.”

8. PC Chocolate Chunk candy cane ice cream is the shit

Probably the greatest ice cream since Haagen Daz was created. I crushed 4 cartons this year. Yes I have my fat kid moments but I enjoy every second of them.



9. Carbs don’t make you fat – too many carbs make you fat

Carbs raise insulin. Insulin makes you fat. Therefore carbs = fatness right? I used to have strong beliefs in the low carb lifestyle and all the promises of jackedness and shreddedness included in its mantra, but after crushing carbs like nobody’s business on a vegetarian diet and dropping 5 pounds, my beliefs have changed. Carbs don’t make people fat. Too many carbs make people fat.

At the end of the day if I put more water in your cup than it can hold, it’s going to overflow. Same goes with energy and carbs. If you crush 500 carbs in a day but your body only uses 400 carbs/day, that excess has got to go someplace and you fat cells have their doors wide open. This is simplified but the concept stands.

10. From the wise words of Pavel “You can be anything you like, but be strong first

Being strong makes everything easier. Whether you want to be a linebacker, wrestle grizzly bears or clean the house (hahahhaha), being stronger makes all of this easier; it’s science.

Pavel is the only man that can give Bane permission to die, so listen up”

11. Vegetarianism really isn’t that bad

One word: CARBOHYRDRATES. Now I’m not talking about crushing twinkies for breakfast, lunch and dinner cause hey let’s face it, no animal products in them so it’s got be a staple right?! I guess at this point it doesn’t even matter though because they won’t be making them anymore…but my point stands. Keep the refined stuff on the lower end of the spectrum.


With ‘vege’ in the title, this means the majority of your sources should be from vegetables and minimally refined plant based sources; not said twinkies. Once and a while sure, but if 80% of your diet is preserved by plastic wrap, it’s time for a change.

Huge boosts in dietary fiber leading to awesome poops, more carbs for training and ability to eat all day are all pretty fantastic reasons to try out vegetarian style eating.

If you’re not keen on living off plants you could always take the balanced approach and add lean animal meats once or twice a day, ensuring you negate any potential mineral deficiencies and get a few essential amino acids. At this point you wouldn’t necessarily be vegetarian, but you’d probably feel pretty fricken phenomenal.


“The balanced approach; who knew it could be so simple.”

12. Fruit is not created by the fat gods to spawn adipose tissue on everyone.

I don’t know where fruit got the bad rap (probably with the low carb movement), but as of recent I’ve received more and more questions about fruit having too much sugar and people are almost SCARED to eat it.

First off, show me one person who has scarfed down enough fruit to make them fat. Anyone? I thought not.

Second, everybody could probably use a bit more fiber in their diet as there seems to be a lot more Metamucil advertisements these days. Constipation may not be on the level of diabetes or heart disease, but people be suffering.

Pass the fruit please.

If you are extremely concerned with sugar in fruit or dieting down to extremely low body fat percentages, choose berries, apples and oranges over fruits like dates, bananas and pineapples. The former contain more fiber and less sugar, while the latter contain a higher amount of sugar. But like I said, show me someone who got fat eating bananas all day.


I’m glad the apocalypse didn’t happen in 2012. Not sure how many of these lessons would have mattered if it had, but man I would have been a happy dude getting apocalypsed (yes I made this word up) while enjoying my candy cane ice cream. Only issue is now I have to wait another 11 months until stores sell it again…


What is your WHY? Do you have any nutritional vices, like candy cane ice cream? Comment below and remember to “like” us on facebook!

Waterloo Strength ConditioningKory Allen is a 4th year Kin student at the University of Waterloo and an aspiring coach. He has been passionate about the iron game for many years and loves helping people improve their lives, fitness and overall wellbeing. His basic philosophy is to keep it simple and have some fun. Drop him a line on the blog or via email.



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