How to Achieve Bulk Naturally

By: James
The following is a guest post by James, his first for the club. James is a personal trainer and bodybuilding enthusiast, who is a contributing author for www.musclegrowthexpert. com. In this article, he discusses how to naturally get the gains and physique you want. As always, enjoy and comment below! -Schuyler
Most sensible and experienced professional bodybuilders understand that training the natural way is much more beneficial in the long run than using artificial and potentially harmful supplements. Artificial techniques, such as the use of anabolic steroids, can have devastating effects on your body, such as shrunken testicles, and more importantly, heart and liver problems.  So, if you are trying to achieve muscle size sans synthetic supplements, you should try to stick to natural supplements that blend well with effective exercise. The basic rule is that if you want fast results, you should work hard for them, instead of opting for a quick, short route.  Here are my tips for building good muscle mass in a natural way.

Make Sure You Eat the Right Foods

Bodybuilders depend on a balanced diet and try to focus on foods that will provide the best sources of protein, carbohydrates and fat.  Carbohydrates are used for the production of energy, fat helps boost testosterone and protein provides the essential building blocks for repairing muscle fiber and building muscle mass.   Testosterone is a very important hormone that triggers the production of energy and the building of muscle.  In order for you to satisfy your needs for important nutrients such as vital fats, carbohydrates and proteins, you must ensure that you include foods such as lean beef, chicken breasts, avocados, fruits, whole grains, nuts, beans and vegetables.  These foods will provide your body with safe and natural supplements for bodybuilding.

Spread Your Meals

Eating large quantities of foods at once is never a good idea, nor is it good practice for developing good muscle mass.  In order to encourage the development of muscle, you must feed your body with ‘multiple meals’ that are evenly spread throughout the day to ensure that you have a steady supply of the right nutrients for effective muscle growth.
The moment you eat your first meal of the day, ensure that you spread the remaining meals every 2 to 3 hours throughout the rest of the day.  Try to eat small quantities of food; this will keep your body satisfied and well-supplied with the correct nutrients.

Avoid Alcohol Altogether

A recent study carried out by The American Council on Exercise highlighted the fact that alcohol has a strong relation to a steady decline of testosterone-production which is essential for your bodybuilding process.  Excessive alcohol will eventually eat away at your muscle.  It is essential that you replace your alcohol intake with drinking plenty of water, in order to assist the process of muscle growth.

Concentrate on Compound Exercises

It is vital that you include compound exercises in your bodybuilding routine.  Compound exercises involve the use of more than one muscle, and the movement of a number of joints at the same time.  These exercises will assist you in working more than one muscle at a time and essentially help you build the bulk on your body and strength very quickly.  Pay particular attention to exercises such as bench presses, deadlifhts, squats and shoulder presses.

Increase Resistance Gradually

It is possible to make good progress while you are building bulk muscle by trying as hard as possible to increase your body –resistance very gradually.  I recommend that you do this by adding between 5% and 10% onto the maximum weight that you lift every week.   Furthermore, try to focus on lifting heavy weights whilst you train because these will increase your testosterone levels very significantly. 
Do you follow any of these tips? Have any more tips to add mass naturally? Comment below and remember to “like” us on facebook!
 View IMG-20130728-WA000.png in slide showI initially began my career as a personal trainer, offering freelance services to a group of gyms in my area.  After a few years I got the opportunity to write for a regional fitness magazine that had a dedicated 2 page spread (once a month) on my training tips, dieting etc.  I really enjoyed the writing as I received a lot of positive feedback from my articles and I decided to further my bodybuilding/fitness writing career.  I am now employed by which is an electronic publication dedicated to the science of bodybuilding.  The site is in its infancy stages at the moment with a growing readership.  My aim is to increase brand awareness at the same time as offering my bodybuilding expertise to whomever that may require it.

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