About Us

The WARRIORS Strength & Conditioning club is focused on creating and uniting a community of individuals who refuse to settle with average strength and conditioning. WS&C is in no way an exclusive club, but members are expected to be dedicated to their training, determined to reach goals, and always be striving improve their strength and conditioning knowledge.The ‘weekend warrior’ will learn much as a member of the WS&C club, but this approach to training is frowned upon and these members will be immediately exposed to The Iron Bug in hope of positive change.

The WS&C club does not in any way endorse an egotistical, unsafe, ignorant or elitist attitude, and members insisting on displaying any of these characteristics will quickly find their memberships revoked. Members of the WS&C club are expected to work their weaknesses, encourage fellow lifters, squat regularly and settle for nothing short of excellence.

We do not promote one way of living, training or eating over another, and intend to only present information for you to make your own decisions. Though we do our best to provide only the most up-to-date, quality information we cannot take responsibility for the choices you make with the information presented. As with anything, please use your head and make smart choices.


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