Rehab 2 Performance (Waterloo)


Started in Fall2012 by David Wu, Rehab to Performance (Waterloo) was set up as branch of WARRIORS S&C dedicated to fulfilling the educational component of the club.

Rehab 2 Performance (R2P) focuses on “bridging the gap” between physical rehabilitation and performance training. Whether you’re a kin student, a gym rat, or just curious to know more about how you can boost your deadlift, R2P features weekly lay-friendly lectures dealing with the functional approach to movement and performance.

DWleibsIf you’re a kinesiology student, R2P exposes you to hot topics in modern athletic and rehabilitation practice. The goal is to aid students in making the jump from stuff learned in class  to practical applications. R2P clubs are featured at various Chiropractic, physiotherapy & kinesiology schools that are ready to make the jump on to the rehab renaissance train.

Taken from the R2P official site:

“Rehab to Performance is devoted to “Bridging the Gap” from disability to ability; from treatment in the clinic to return to participation; and from patient to elite athlete. This is accomplished by utilizing modern clinical treatment to regain functional capacity. With a collection knowledge from the brightest minds in the field today including those who are at the forefront of functional rehab and training.”

In 2013, we’re proud to have founding executive member Ben Lee, who’s wrapping up his Master’s in biomechanics under Pr. Stuart McGill,  on board for his ‘Science of Human Performance” Lecture.

Check out this flyer to learn what Rehab 2 Performance is all about.


Winter 2014 will feature a couple of R2P seminars held throughout the term.

R2P: The Science of Human Performance

“Bridging the gap between theoretical analysis and physical ability”

 benleeThe Science of Human Performance lecture series will instill a strong knowledge base of physics, mathematics and biomechanics and implement this in real world activities.

Lead in the past by Benjamin Lee, with an educational background in Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics and years spent toiling in weight rooms and combat sports halls, you’ll develop a keen understanding of how the body works and how to exploit certain functions to optimize our performance. Topics this semester include:

  • Core Training, Muscular Synergy
  • Deconstructing Basic Lifts
  • And a special topic on training for combat sports.

R2P: From the Ground Up

“Building better athletes from the bottom up”

David Wu BU pressWhether you’re a injured athlete or elite performer, the common thread is MOVEMENT! You’ll get a dose of what “functional” training really is and a look into what month old babies can teach us about setting PRs on deadlifts. Learn how having a solid foundation of functional movement will allow you to build peak strength, speed and power.

This workshop features the monumental works of Janda, Cook, Boyle, McGill, Liebenson and others. You will learn:

  • How to eliminate energy leaks & hack your nervous system to become stronger, faster and more powerful
  • Become injury-proof  and build a strong foundation for top level athleticism
  • The latest in mobility, core stability & corrective exercise

Join the R2P facebook page to stay updated on hot topics, lecture slides and cancellations as well as resources/articles.

The crew in Chicago with Drs. Craig Liebenson of L.A. Sports & Spine, Lee Burton of FMS, and Dr. Jason Brown

  • Check out this article from R2P (Waterloo) member Veronica Wong on Dr. Leibenson’s Toronto seminar!

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