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Strength Coaching 101: Summer School Edition

By: Schuyler Schmidt

This summer I had the privilege of interning with the strength coach of a local professional hockey team. Working alongside an already established strength coach was an incredible learning experience for a novice like me. Here are some of my thoughts and observations for other aspiring strength coaches.

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8 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was A High School Athlete

By: Schuyler Schmidt

What a difference a few years of learning makes! My high school “glory days” as a varsity swimmer and runner would have been so much more “glorious” if I had known then what I know now about reaching peak performance.

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Push Through Discomfort, Not Pain

The following is a guest post by fellow Personal Trainer and volunteer S&C Coach, Brendan Pinto. In this article, Brendan discusses the difference between pain and discomfort, and how to assess the feedback your body provides during exercise. As always, enjoy! – Austin


By: Brendan Pinto

Randy Zab, my dryland coach when I was an age group swimmer, would put us through grueling core exercises at the end of our dryland sessions. At this point, we would all struggle to hold a plank. Some would just give up and say they couldn’t do it because it hurt too much. In order to get us to do it without giving up he would tell us to “push through discomfort, not pain”.

We don’t only feel pain and discomfort when we are fatigued. Usually athletes or clients will complain of “pain” while doing an exercise with the onset of the slightest uneasiness. There is no doubt that the best step of action to take is to stop the exercise and avoid injury. No one likes being injured, but how do we know if the “pain” we feel is actually pain or just discomfort?

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Time to Get Stupid with Ben Lee

By: Ben Lee

I pride myself on being an athlete who takes an educated and intelligent approach to training. If you’ve attended any Science of Performance seminars, you’ll see the amount of research that goes into devising a proper training plan. That being said, there are times when we just need to get stupid and do work.

All too often, especially among the movement specialist crowd, we forget that lifting weights is SUPPOSED TO BE DIFFICULT. Unless you’re an extremely specialized athlete, weight room work should be uncomfortable and make you question why you’re here, and even those specialized athletes have those kinds of training sessions too.


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Exercises Are Tools: Madness or Genius?

By: Ben Pickard

Exercises are used for improving performance in other disciplines. Only with the addition of ‘the sport of fitness’ (ie. CrossFit) have we begun exercising to be good at … exercising.

So, what is a tool? A tool is anything used to accomplishing a task.

  • Athletes use exercises to run faster, jump higher or become stronger in order to gain an edge.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger used exercises to create the greatest physique of all time and dominate the Olympia stage.
  • Powerlifters use exercises to build upon their main lifts (why do you think it’s called assistance work?). Continue reading


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