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Strength Coaching 101: Summer School Edition

By: Schuyler Schmidt

This summer I had the privilege of interning with the strength coach of a local professional hockey team. Working alongside an already established strength coach was an incredible learning experience for a novice like me. Here are some of my thoughts and observations for other aspiring strength coaches.

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How Lifting Weights Made Me More of a Woman

The following is a guest post from Rouzeen Imaan, a 3rd year AHS student and first-time contributor to the WARRIORS blog. To learn more about Rouzeen, check out her bio at the bottom of the page. In this article, Rouzeen shares her personal story about how weight lifting drastically changed her life and helped her grow into a strong, confident woman. Enjoy! – Austin


By: Rouzeen Imaan

This article isn’t here to tell you how lifting weights will give you a fantastic female body — high perky butt, great legs and a great set of abs. That’s not what I mean by “more of a woman”.  Women can look any damn way they want. I’m trying to dig a little deeper.

Let’s start with me.

I’m 22 years young. Female. Indian. Muslim. Bodybuilder.

  Stereotypes, come at me.

In high school, I wore a headscarf, a decision that wasn’t really mine but came with the turf of being the daughter of a priest. A priest’s daughter, that’s right. As a result of not being able to portray myself the way I wanted to, I had pathetically low levels of self-esteem. At heart I was an extrovert who lacked confidence to do all the extrovert things I wanted to do, like dance in public and twerk on a goose. Continue reading


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The 3 Days of Working Out

By: Schuyler Schmidt

Summer break means more time to play around with my workouts. In April, I devised a new workout strategy that would allow me to stay in shape while also becoming more technically sound in my lifts, learn new stuff, and enjoy the wonderful heat and humidity of a Pennsylvania summer.

Listening to a podcast while driving to work recently, I discovered that Gray Cook already had this exact same idea, which he calls, “Practice Days, Training Days, and Fun Days.” Here is my take on this training routine… Continue reading

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Don’t PR your waistline: 5 Holiday Feasting Survival Tips

By: Alex Longo

(One  sweet holiday card from Mightytrainer.com)

Another awesome term done at WARRIORS S&C Club. Here’s a holiday treat from member and exec applicant Alex Longo. Good luck on exams and stay strong! -Wu

[Enter Alex]

With the first snow fall, you know the holidays are around the corner and so is the turkey. Whatever you’re celebrating, the holiday season is a time for parties. And let’s not forget about the New Year too!

People put their fitness on hold, and this means starting the New Year with extra pounds. In one U.S. study, the average person gained just over 1 pound during the holiday season. This may not seem too bad, but year after year, those pounds add up.

So to stop feeling unhealthy, tired and guilty from stuffing our faces, here are a few tips to guarantee an enjoyable holiday season without setting a new personal record on your waistline.


U probably don’t want this to happen

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