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Interested in speaking at Warriors S&C?

Waterloo Warriors Strength

As a club that is always striving to improve our strength & conditioning knowledge, we would love to hear what you have to say! Whether you are a beginner speaker or bonafied pro, our community of dedicated members welcomes the opportunity learn from and support honest, open-minded and motivated individuals from all fitness backgrounds.

Join our list of guest speakers, including Dr. Stuart McGill, Rich Singh, Trevor Cottrell and Jon Goodman.

What can I speak about? The topic is totally up to you, as long as it is something you are passionate about and feel is worth sharing with others in the world of strength & conditioning! It may be in the form of a lecture/presentation, practical seminar or combination of both.

Waterloo Strength conditioningWhere can I present? We will book a room for you at the University of Waterloo in which you can speak. If you would like to present outside of the University (ie. at your own gym), we would be glad to meet you there. Keep in mind that the further away from the University, the smaller the audience will be (we are mostly University students after all and traveling in large groups can be difficult).

When can I present? As soon as you contact us, we will discus all of the finer details such as date and time. Generally speaking, you may present as early as next month or as late as next semester. Our club runs year round and is always looking for guest speakers, whether it be Winter, Spring or Fall!

If you are interested in speaking and/or have any other questions, please contact us at

Want to contribute an article?

We admit, none of us are professional writers, though we share a passion to learn and to share our knowledge in the field of strength & conditioning with others. This is what drives us to write articles for the members of our club (and the rest of the fitness community). If this is you, too, read on.

What should I write about?

The subject is completely up to you! All we ask for is that it complies with one of the two following questions:

  • Will readers want to take action and make a change in their lives, no matter how small, after reading your article (ie. is it actionable)?
  • Will readers be able to reflect upon their own training career/dietary habits/lifestyle and discover areas of improvement (ie. will it make them think)?

We recognize that you may not be the most talented writer, though we do expect that your articles have a purpose or a goal. What do you want readers to get out of your article? In the end, it’s about helping others improve the quality of their lives. Make your article worth their time.

How should I write?

  • This is a blog created by University students, not University professors – keep your writing style casual!
  • Have fun with your audience and include some humour where appropriate.
  • As much as we appreciate a scientifically thorough piece of writing, please keep the vocabulary simple. Most of those reading our blog are beginners, after all, we want them to actually absorb what we write.
  • Be yourself. We’re pretty awesome, we know, but we don’t pretend to be any more intelligent or experienced than we are. Honesty is key. If you fake what you know, it will come through in your writing.

How should I format my article?

Assume that your entire audience has ADD.

  • Try to keep the word count between 500-1000 words (longer submissions may be split into multiple installments).
  • Use paragraphs – lots of them!
  • Make your article visually enticing – include bold letters, underline, use headers, quotes and pictures (with or without captions).

Please include as much as you can in your article so that it is “publish ready”. We are happy to edit for you, but we cannot spend our entire night finding pictures, links and references.

On that note, please include a head shot photo of yourself and include a short 2-3 autobiographical sentence describing your background and aspirations. Let people meet the genius behind the writing, and if possible, how to contact you for further communication.

Editor’s note: we may include or remove words and sentences where we feel necessary (pictures too). We only wish to enhance the quality of your article and offer members with the best opportunity to learn. If you would like to see the final draft before it’s published on our blog, we’ll be happy to send you a copy!

If you are interested in contributing an article and/or have any other questions, please contact us at


The Warriors S&C Team


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